“Environmental protection remains an important focus”

Twofold Bay, the third deepest natural harbour in the Southern Hemisphere is home to the Blue Mussel (Mytilus Galloprovincialis) also referred to as the black mussel.


With the bays pristine waters, Eden Mussels hold great emphasis on protection and environmental conservation.

Scheduled routine water testing is carried out on the farm to ensure high water quality for the mussels to flourish.




Mussels can be purchased fresh straight from the boat 'Sinbad' Monday - Friday on the main wharf of Snug Cove, Eden.


Product can be supplied in larger amounts for restaurants and wholesalers.


For Local Far South Coast NSW supply please contact Eden Mussels    


Email - edenseafarms@bigpond.com








As part of the Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program, it is vital to ensure that mussels are only harvested for consumption when the growing waters are clean and can be traced from farm to plate.


Sustainable seafood is a high priority for our consumers, which is why Eden Mussels are dedicated to sustainable farming practices and their impact they have on the marine environment.


Eden Mussels are farmed in Twofold Bay on longlines and suspended rope dropper's. This structure provides an anchor to which the mussels attach and grow. Longlines and rope dropper's results in minimal impact to the natural marine environment.


The Eden Blue Mussel filters food from the water, which results in no additional feed required from the farmer.


Eden Mussels farming practices have a very low overall impact on the marine environment.